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Distribution grid voltage control: A UK case study

Webinar Date: 
Thu 14 Dec 14:00

Distribution system operators will be fully aware of how the intermittent nature of distributed generation, including renewable energy like wind and PV solar, is playing a large part in network dynamic voltage fluctuations.  
‘Business as usual’ or legacy solutions are attempting to maintain statutory voltage limits but were mainly designed for more passive two-way power flows. The multi-way power flows in today’s network and the rise in distributed generation can result in rapidly changing system characteristics.  

Optimising transmission capacity: How power flow control can help

Webinar Date: 
Tue 12 Dec 13:00

A rapidly changing generation mix and evolving power consumption patterns have made today’s electric grid extremely difficult to manage. Large-scale and community-based renewables seek to quickly and seamlessly connect to the grid. Simultaneously, customers’ use patterns are changing with the uptake of electric vehicles and the electrification of other residential and commercial energy demands like heating.

Scaling for success: How to connect a diverse digitised asset base

Webinar Date: 
Wed 6 Dec 13:00

Utilities know that legislation, business needs and enabling technologies are moving the needle on their speed of change.
Assets are greater in number and diversification and with that comes a need to optimise monetisation and operations.
In this webinar, Dutch smart energy platform company Netinium will present a solution for these business needs - deploying a technology agnostic infrastructure within the distribution network. 
5 key learnings from this webinar are:
1) How to lower OpEx through a scaleable, no-vendor lock in platform

Europe’s energy transition and markets: what learnings for utilities?

Webinar Date: 
Wed 22 Nov 13:00

How are European energy operators impacted by the energy transition policies? What affect is it having on their bottom line? And are European utilities transforming quicker than their global peers?
In this live webinar, Capgemini will answer all these questions by unpacking findings from its first global observatory report - World Energy Markets Observatory.
Drawing on data from Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific, the analysts will aim to highlight challenges for utility companies as well as opportunities when creating transitional roadmaps.
You will gain:

Emerging technologies: Energy transactions using blockchain

Webinar Date: 
Tue 21 Nov 13:00

The emergence of distributed ledgers has caused excitement in the utility sector as energy suppliers consider how to best utilise this transactive solution. In fact, a German energy agency reports that industry executives have identified more than 110 potential use cases.
In this webinar, we will focus on using blockchain technology for smart contracts and billing settlement to allow payments between two and more people - ideal for peer to peer energy trading.  

IoT based HEMS delivers energy efficiency in Stockholm Royal Seaport

Webinar Date: 
Fri 10 Nov 14:00

Preliminary findings from the research in Stockholm Royal Seaport, but also the possible business models for pre- and retro-fit smart home solutions.
Utilities are looking for additional services for consumers to recover diminishing margins. Offering Home Energy Management services is one example that Fortum has worked on in their Smart Energy City project in Stockholm Royal Seaport (SRS).
Key learnings from the webinar
Unique insight to the Smart Energy City (smartenergycity.se) research and demonstration program

Monitoring Europe’s LV grid - An update on flexibility pilots

Webinar Date: 
Wed 8 Nov 11:00

Is Europe closer to real-time, accurate monitoring of low voltage energy flows? What learnings can you take for your own energy distribution company from European Commission-funded projects?
This webinar seeks to assess how close European distribution system operators are to improving the performance and reliability of local electric systems.
The live session will also focus on the technology behind system automation as well as new ways to use local flexibility.
Essential viewing for DSOs seeking solutions for distribution complexity.

IoT bandwidth: What are the benefits of a privately owned LTE network

Webinar Date: 
Wed 1 Nov 13:00

As a distribution system operator, you need to extend the reach of smart grid into your networks to fulfil your Internet of Things strategy - from distribution automation to substation automation, distributed generation and advanced metering infrastructure.
Field area networks (FAN) can be enabled by a variety of communication technologies but this webinar will focus on long-term evolution (LTE), “a natural evolution of cellular and WiMAX technologies”, says Nokia. 

How distributed intelligence is changing the smart metering paradigm

Webinar Date: 
Thu 19 Oct 14:00

Successfully managing the operational and business challenges presented by increasing amounts of distributed energy resources requires more rapid analysis, decision making and action at the grid edge.
With the computing power of a smartphone embedded in every meter, distributed intelligence is fundamentally shifting the paradigm for smart metering and redefining what’s possible for both grid operations and customer service.

Energy efficiency Europe: How can ESCOs best finance EPC projects?

Webinar Date: 
Thu 19 Oct 12:00

Securing upfront capital to financing energy performance contracting (EPC) projects remains a major barrier to the growth of the energy efficiency market in Europe, and specifically to the growth of small and medium-sized energy services companies (ESCOs).
Performance risk, financial risk, and the small size of most energy efficiency projects (less than €1 million) restrict access to finance, limiting project rollout and ESCO growth.
Crucially, most ESCOs do not know what finance is available and how to make their project attractive to funds.

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