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Essential IoT readiness: Communications secrets from the AMI smart grid era

Webinar Date: 
Thu 8 Jun 13:00

As of 2015 there were 4.9 billion devices within the internet of things and that number is expected to reach or even exceed 50 billion by 2020.
The sheer projected growth alone presents opportunities for energy providers to connect with customers and gain efficiencies in both business and operations. It also can introduce new security risks and complex management obstacles.

LTE Cat M1 and NB-IoT: Technologies made for smart metering

Webinar Date: 
Tue 6 Jun 15:00

Drivers for energy companies to create and manage an intelligent metering network are well known.
The more efficient handling of resources, the deployment of renewable energy resources and changes in legal frameworks are all pressuring utilities to create stable and secure communication infrastructures.
Another motivation for smart communication is the potential for dynamic interaction with customers.
This allows utilities to set up new business models and link their customers more closely to their offerings.
Introducing new communication technologies

Addressing modern energy challenges with smart metering deployments

Webinar Date: 
Thu 1 Jun 13:00

As smart meters are installed at residential, commercial and other sites nationwide, utilities are seeing a variety of benefits and opportunities that are passed on to the end user, according to a new IEE report.
The ultimate goal of smart metering is to allow the utility to provide consumers with better visibility into their energy consumption, to enable demand response to reduce peak load and to manage voltage to reduce energy consumption. 

4 ways to optimise utility billing and customer care operations

Webinar Date: 
Thu 25 May 13:00

Utility billing and customer care says a lot about the quality of an energy company and its services.
Getting it right benefits both the customer in terms of more accurate and relevant utility billing, but also the supplier through reduced costs, increased sales and customer satisfaction which in turn drives the higher return on investment.
We have identified three key impact areas and have invited top experts to share their knowledge and use cases in each of the areas below:
Impact 1: Service optimisation

Energy retail insight: How to use multi-channel engagement to reach business customers

Webinar Date: 
Thu 18 May 13:00

This webinar provides essential insight for energy retailers. Business customers offer a large untapped opportunity for utilities to deliver on energy efficiency targets and sell services in the process. But this customer segment is complex, costly and challenging to engage.
To effectively engage business energy customers, FirstFuel Software presents how a software as a service (SaaS) platform can bridge the gap between technology and customer communications, enabling customised multi-channel engagement.

Smart Meter Systems: Attack and Defense

Webinar Date: 
Wed 17 May 10:00

We are seeing industry and nation-leaders waking up to the “cyber” reality and possible devastating cyberattacks on utilities. As a result, initiatives to establish nation-wide baseline security requirements and security certifications are in progress. Unfortunately, these initiatives may be too late and may even foster a compliancy-defined approach to security. Smart grids will continue to increase in complexity, and the threat of attacks and actual attacks will continue to increase in both sophistication and frequency.

The internet of things and microgrid integration

Webinar Date: 
Wed 10 May 13:00

Capgemini and Intel will discuss how they envision the internet of things (IoT) transforming the grid through microgrid integration. Where can we expect microgrids, who will build, own and operate them? What are the implications to the traditional grid and how it is managed?
The microgid will be one of the building blocks of the future decentralised grid. It will ensure that opportunities for local generation are maximised. Additionally interconnected microgrids will play a role in balancing and stabilising the grid.

Solutions for bridging IT/OT convergence in intelligent grid

Webinar Date: 
Mon 8 May 13:00

In markets where smart grid automation integration is key there is a crucial gap in information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT). This means that many power and energy vendors’ systems cannot talk and communicate with each other.
Both manufacturers and system integrators need a basic knowledge of IT and OT so that they can provide or integrate a suitable system for grid implementation, such as substations, solar energy, wind energy and energy management applications.

Asian utility focus: How is Malaysia’s TNB thriving in a digitised world?

Webinar Date: 
Thu 4 May 11:00

Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) is the largest electricity utility in Malaysia with a customer base of eight million people and assets worth $20 billion.
In this live energy webinar, you will hear how TNB is surviving and thriving as the utility landscape shifts and changes.
The utility faces multiple challenges  - of commoditisation, integrating renewables into the grid and providing returns on shareholder value - and TNB’s Chief Strategy Officer will share its experiences in this interactive session.

What's new in IoT for grid flexibility, asset management and predictive analytics?

Webinar Date: 
Fri 28 Apr 13:00

Internet of things (IoT) devices are flooding utility operations allowing the energy sector to use data insights to develop new energy services, enhance utility productivity and efficiency. Other benefits include improving real-time decision making, solving critical problems, and creating new and innovative experiences.
We have identified three key areas impacted by IoT and have invited top experts to share their knowledge and use cases in each of the areas below:
Impact 1: Intelligent asset management

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