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Solutions for bridging IT/OT convergence in intelligent grid

Webinar Date: 
Mon 8 May 13:00

In markets where smart grid automation integration is key there is a crucial gap in information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT). This means that many power and energy vendors’ systems cannot talk and communicate with each other.
Both manufacturers and system integrators need a basic knowledge of IT and OT so that they can provide or integrate a suitable system for grid implementation, such as substations, solar energy, wind energy and energy management applications.

Asian utility focus: How is Malaysia’s TNB thriving in a digitised world?

Webinar Date: 
Thu 4 May 11:00

Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) is the largest electricity utility in Malaysia with a customer base of eight million people and assets worth $20 billion.
In this live energy webinar, you will hear how TNB is surviving and thriving as the utility landscape shifts and changes.
The utility faces multiple challenges  - of commoditisation, integrating renewables into the grid and providing returns on shareholder value - and TNB’s Chief Strategy Officer will share its experiences in this interactive session.

What's new in IoT for grid flexibility, asset management and predictive analytics?

Webinar Date: 
Fri 28 Apr 13:00

Internet of things (IoT) devices are flooding utility operations allowing the energy sector to use data insights to develop new energy services, enhance utility productivity and efficiency. Other benefits include improving real-time decision making, solving critical problems, and creating new and innovative experiences.
We have identified three key areas impacted by IoT and have invited top experts to share their knowledge and use cases in each of the areas below:
Impact 1: Intelligent asset management

Demand response and its energy efficiency potential

Webinar Date: 
Thu 27 Apr 13:00

Demand response programmes have a huge potential to save energy. If just 5% of the UK's current peak electricity demand was met by demand side response, the energy system would be £200m a year cheaper to run and end-users could benefit by up to £790m, according to the UK National Infrastructure Commission’s Smart Power report.
Demand response - how to unlock energy efficiency success 
We have identified three key demand response impact areas and have invited top experts to share their knowledge and use cases for each of the topics below:

Value, values and asset management decision making

Webinar Date: 
Tue 25 Apr 13:00

This webinar will explore the concept of value in ISO 55000 and explain how a utility’s strategic objectives and values can be used to develop a framework for asset management decisions.
Energy and water providers acquire and manage assets because of the value they bring to the organisation. And they spend money and time maintaining and sustaining these assets to preserve their ability to deliver value.

Digital disruption at Africa’s grid edge

Webinar Date: 
Tue 25 Apr 10:00

Distributed energy resources are now an established part of most African utilities’ generation mix but most are outside the utilities’ direct control.
In this live webinar, Oracle discusses the best strategy and solutions for managing digital disruption at the grid edge in an African energy context.
The global software company advises that utilities should adopt ‘an edge to the enterprise’ approach. This means giving stakeholders the data and device visibility they need while increasing operational efficiency.
Join in this webinar to:

Value of submeters to energy efficiency services

Webinar Date: 
Fri 21 Apr 13:00

The energy efficiency and building management sectors like to talk about the quick wins or low hanging fruit of cutting energy usage.
But how can you reach these goals if you don’t have real-time data on a building’s energy consumption?
The reality is submetered energy use data is not available for many buildings often due to the high cost of metering and gathering data. 
The commercial building market, including the public sector, is in need of reliable, cost-effective metering systems - especially at the panel level.

From billing to energy services - ideas for changing the customer conversation

Webinar Date: 
Wed 12 Apr 13:00

At Engerati we know that utilities are changing their business strategies to create meaningful relationships with customers that aren't centred on billing or outages. From our analysis and observation of the market, we believe the best enabling technology to create consumer engagement is through a cloud and software as a service approach.
In this webinar, we take a deeper dive into customer retention platforms and assess what the following means for your energy retail business and customer relationships: 
Impact 1: Leveraging day-to-day data analytics and insights

How to engage business energy customers - US utility shares tips

Webinar Date: 
Mon 10 Apr 13:00

US utilities like Baltimore Gas and Electric Company (BGE) understand that customer engagement is a new imperative for energy suppliers. But what tools are available to target and engage business energy customers? 
This 60-minute webinar will take a deep dive into how software as a service (SaaS) can help energy suppliers access this large, and often untapped, customer base to deliver on key strategic objectives. 
The live session will explore how SaaS-based customer engagement platforms turn utility meter data into critical business customer insights.

Decentralised energy: What impact on the grid?

Webinar Date: 
Thu 6 Apr 13:00

As the grid edge becomes more dynamic with on-premises energy storage and generation, we need to move towards a grid platform that delivers new capabilities and value.
We have identified three key impact areas of distributed energy resources (DERs) on the grid edge and have invited top experts to share their knowledge and use cases in each area:
Impact 1: Behind the meter renewables

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