Data-driven behavior change


Guy Champniss

Visiting Fellow
Cranfield University School of Management
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Hub Theatre E
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Thu 17 Nov 09:00 to 09:10

Session Introduction - Data-driven Behavior Change

International implementations of demand response management and energy efficiency programmes that have the aim to reduce energy consumption. Cutting edge projects that analyze data in innovative ways will present their results.

Thu 17 Nov 09:10 to 09:30

Leesa Lee

VP Marketing

Differentiation and Engagement Through Disaggregation

  • How energy disaggregation helps energy providers acquire and retain customers
  • Engagement features enabled via real-time energy data
  • Case study of a European utility who has deployed Bidgely HomeBeat
Thu 17 Nov 09:30 to 09:50

Head of Research
Aspern Smart City Research

The Power of Data Analytics to Drive the Evolution of a Smart City

  • After rigorous work on data integration, the team is now using new approaches to reveal insights from their resulting Big Data.  These insights influence all use cases across the breadth of the ASCR, but mostly in smart ICT and LV grid control, driving at operational and strategic grid planning and near real-time management.
  • Smart ICT use case including operational and strategic grid planning and grid load forecasting.   The district is able to achieve greater accuracy in forecasting which reduces total costs and environmental impacts. The district benefits from a feedback loop whereby they are able to quickly analyze the efficiency of their optimization strategies with a view to continuous improvement.
  • LV grid control use case including LV grid management and smart meters for grid monitoring.  The district is able to consider how they can shift from “passive” grid optimization by analyzing events and effects, to “active” grid optimization and grid management. This will extend to distributed intelligence based on distributed devices (field-tested prototypes).
Thu 17 Nov 09:50 to 10:10

Friedrich Knebel

Member of the Board

Experience from A Smart Metering Multi-utility Project in Hungary

  • Smart Metering in Hungary (Specialties compared to other European countries)
  • Experiences of multi utility smart metering with a focus on customer requirements and area-based full Roll outs (including communication concepts)
  • Technical solutions and difficulties of the pilot
Thu 17 Nov 10:10 to 10:30

Philippe Bourguignon

SEAS project coordinator

SEAS: the Driver for Behavioral Change in the Energy Sharing Economy

  • Standardizing the exchange of energy-related information is stimulating the innovation (start up, SME, ..) and stimulate new businesses
  • Presentation of the benefits provided by facilitating exchanges between communities (Energy sharing economy)
  • Associating this standardization of energy-related information and services with certification tools like blockchains is a way to automatize the warranty of origin of the production of green energy.
Thu 17 Nov 10:30 to 10:50

Guy Champniss

Visiting Fellow
Cranfield University School of Management

Are We Nearly There Yet? Improving (and shortening) The Customer Journey Toward Energy Efficiency

  • Detail the opportunity to improve consumer chances to buy energy efficient products as a focus of consumer behaviour change, and the benefits this delivers to utilities. Will present new research that has been run on Marketplace to refine intervention strategies, with real results from utilities.
  • The importance of applying behavioural science to a ‘one time intervention’, in order to deliver consumer behaviour change regarding energy efficiency
  • The importance of developing the ability - and willingness - to run agile experiments to better focus interventions for consumer  behaviour change.
Thu 17 Nov 10:50 to 11:00

Morning Coffee Break

Thu 17 Nov 11:00 to 11:20

Director of Huawei Energy Sector

The Future is 100% Connected Power IoT

  • The innovative solution covering device, network and app to build 100% connected power IoT.
  • The concept of power IoT and why we need it.
  • The key features of power IoT and the challenges.
Thu 17 Nov 11:20 to 11:40

Partner and Director of Consulting

Designing Creative Customer Engagement - 15 designers, 3 days, 1 goal

  • What are the key factors determining energy related behaviour for residential customers?
  • How can engagement with the end customer be sustained by Natural Language and Machine Learning
  • What solutions will 15 creative designers in a three day workshop with utilities and energy experts create to engage energy customers of the future
Thu 17 Nov 11:40 to 12:00

Mathijs Guichelaar

Joep Van Leersum

Executive Partner Energy & Utilities
IBM Nordics & Benelux

A New Business Model Based on Renewables Output Forecasting, Driven by Deep Analytics and Accurate Weather Data

  • Decentralised generation causes increasing unpredictability in loads on the electrical system
  • This requires ever improving Power (Wind, Solar) output forecasting
  • With the weather prediction accuracy of IBM's Weather Company combined with the power of deep analytics, Vandebron and IBM have gained experience in how to significantly improve forecasting the power output of Vandebron's connected Wind Farms.
Thu 17 Nov 12:00 to 12:30

Senior Manager

Leesa Lee

VP Marketing

Philippe Bourguignon

SEAS project coordinator

Q & A: Having it All? Balancing the Drive to Promote Energy Efficiency, Increase Engagement and Deliver the Money

- We’re all aware of the challenges and opportunities facing utilities, many of which rely on fundamental customer behaviour change.

- How do these seemingly disparate goals fit together? Do they even fit together?

- What does this mean for the utility of the future? 



Guy Champniss

Visiting Fellow
Cranfield University School of Management
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