Technology is just an enabler


GEODE Chairman & Managing Director of Aspern Smart City Research GmbH & Co KG



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Hub Theatre B
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Wed 16 Nov 09:00 to 09:10

GEODE Chairman & Managing Director of Aspern Smart City Research GmbH & Co KG

Session Introduction - Technology is just an Enabler

A deep-dive into the projects that have already proven the technology-enabled services that will revolutionise the energy industry including Virtual Power Plants, the evolving role of Distribution, the potential opportunities in the EV market, and role of the Algorithm.

Wed 16 Nov 09:10 to 09:30

Engineering and Technical Director
Electricity North West

The Evolution of Distribution

  • A review of the CLASS project and potential change to the UK Distribution/Transmission relationship.


Wed 16 Nov 09:30 to 09:50

Head of Business Development

The Technology-Driven Virtual Power Plant

  • Using data-driven technology, how the Virtual Power Plant enables distributed generators, batteries, industrial and commercial firms and residential properties to become market participants and disrupt the traditional system.
  • The technology stack: bringing together a variety of assets and technology, Virtual Power Plant automatically optimises assets in real-time, using big data and algorithms to maximise price and act swiftly on all market opportunities.
  • Real life examples: from batteries to demand response, how Limejump’s Virtual Power Plant is helping to balance the UK’s energy system and drive revenue.
Wed 16 Nov 09:50 to 10:10

Energy and Mobility Director
Route Monkey

Turning Algorithms into Future Energy Services

  • Algorithms to optimise shift of overhead to underground power lines
  • Complex algorithms aim to de-risk undergrounding and improve on manual planning
Wed 16 Nov 10:10 to 10:30

Project Manager
Wiener Netze GmbH, Austria

The Evolving Role of the DSO

  • to be announced



Wed 16 Nov 10:30 to 11:00

Morning Coffee Break

Wed 16 Nov 11:00 to 11:20

Manager Innovation Smart Client
Gas Natural Fenosa

The EV Infrastructure Market – Open Opportunity?

  • Project COFAST
  • The availability of recharging stations for the functioning of electric vehicles
  • Challenges


Wed 16 Nov 11:20 to 11:40

Global Strategy Leader - Energie & Utilities

Enabling DER to Participate in the Modern Energy Grid

  • Deploying an Energy Exchange to facilitate participation and increase liquidity of DER
  • Creating Flexibility Products by working with incumbent utilities to unbundle their challenges onto the Exchange
  • Deploying technology to DER Aggregators for outreach and potentially settlement
Wed 16 Nov 11:40 to 12:00

Power Market Services Expert
ELES, Electricity Transmission System Operaton


A Combined Presentation of the Business Model Enabled by Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technologies and EU Funded Project FutureFlow


Wed 16 Nov 12:00 to 12:30

director of islands network operation department


The Real-life Microgrids

  • Overview of the project
  • Success factors
  • The challenges and lessons learnt
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