The Technology-Driven Virtual Power Plant

The Technology-Driven Virtual Power Plant

Presentation Date: 
Wed 16 Nov 09:30 to 09:50
  • Using data-driven technology, how the Virtual Power Plant enables distributed generators, batteries, industrial and commercial firms and residential properties to become market participants and disrupt the traditional system.
  • The technology stack: bringing together a variety of assets and technology, Virtual Power Plant automatically optimises assets in real-time, using big data and algorithms to maximise price and act swiftly on all market opportunities.
  • Real life examples: from batteries to demand response, how Limejump’s Virtual Power Plant is helping to balance the UK’s energy system and drive revenue.
Presented in Session: 

Joe Mcdonald

Head of Business Development


Joe Mcdonald is Head of Business Development at Limejump. With a background in Law, he has spent the last...

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