Distributed Energy Systems - Unpacking the Utility

Distributed Energy Systems - Unpacking the Utility

Presentation Date: 
Wed 16 Nov 10:15 to 10:45

If distributed energy is inevitable we will need to unpack the utility, and its functions, to give it relevance. In this session we discuss:

  • The DNA of the distribution network - rewarding the right outcomes

  • The effect of transactive energy

  • Connecting and managing nodes - ‘semiconductor-ing’ the network.
Presented in Session: 

Carol Stimmel

Consulting Analyst


Founder and Chief Analyst of Manifest Mind, Carol L. Stimmel has 25 years of emerging technology market experience,...


Schoentgen Raphael, ENGIE, Energy Talks, EUW

Raphael Schoentgen

Research & Technology Director


Raphael Schoentgen is, since April 2014, a member of ENGIE Executive Committee and the Group’s Director for Research...

Mark Livingstone, Navigant, EUW, Energy Talks, Engerati

Mark Livingstone



Mark has more than 25 years’ experience navigating change in energy, utilities and telecoms sectors. His...

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