Advanced EU markets for smart metering


Senior Advisor
Energy Markets Inspectorate
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Hub Theatre G
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Wed 16 Nov 09:00 to 09:10

Session Introduction - Advanced EU Markets for Smart Metering

Update on the rollout of new generation smart meters. Focus on standardisation and advancing business models. Overview of advanced markets throughout Europe.

Wed 16 Nov 09:10 to 09:25

Vicenzo Quintani

Chairman Smart Metering Group
ANIE Federation

Latest Developments in The Italian Market

  • Priorities for launched roll-out of the second generation of electricity meter, after having installed 35 Mio meters 15 years ago. Main focus to local availability of consumption data for customer in real time. Integration with customer devices for energy efficiency
  • Lesson learned in the roll-out of gas meters after having installed 4 Mio meters. Comparison between performance for traditional diaphragm meters and fully electronic Ultrasonic and Thermal – Mass gas meters. Performance in communication with GPRS an 169MHz technologies.
  • Introduction of a  new generation of water meter in Italy


Wed 16 Nov 09:25 to 09:45

Alessandro Bertani

Director Smart Grids Projects Center

The key role of the Meters and More Technical Committees

  • Overview of the Association
  • Activities of the Certification Committee
  • Activities of the Specifications Committee
Wed 16 Nov 09:45 to 10:00

Marina Varvesi

Smart Meters Project Manager

What Smart Metering Services fit to Italian Consumers?

  • Situation related to smart meters in Italy: background of 1G smart meters roll-out, recent consultation of the Italian Authority on smart meters and monitoring tools, delibera 87/2016/R/eel of the Authroity for 2G smart meters and rollout plan for these new meters
  • Pilot actions carried out in Italy on consumer awareness on energy domestic consumption
  • Italy vs. situation in Europe in the USMARTCONSUMER project
Wed 16 Nov 10:00 to 10:15

Buggi Buch Widell

Project Member
Fair Meter Initiative

Dominique Herman

Circular Economy advisor

The Fair Meter Project – Taking Sustainability in the Metering Industry to a Whole New Level!

  • The concept of the Fair meter project & importance of sustainability in the smart metering industry
  • How to achieve transparency of the supply chain; lessons learned
  • Challenges ahead & importance of partnerships when tackling these sensitive issues
Wed 16 Nov 10:15 to 10:35

CEO of Nordics and Baltics

Strategies for the 2nd rollout of AMI

  • Insight on status on advanced AMI markets in the Nordics
  • Challenges and requirements for the 2nd rollout
  • Alternative strategies for successful rollout of latest AMI technology
Wed 16 Nov 10:35 to 11:00

Morning Coffee Break

Wed 16 Nov 11:00 to 11:20

Neil Young

Vertical Innovation Lead

Embedded SIM for Smart Meters

  • Simplifying the process of connecting smart meters to mobile networks.
  • How Embedded SIM enables change of mobile operator over the air
  • Introducing a standard mechanism for the remote management of mobile connections.
Wed 16 Nov 11:20 to 11:40

Head of Control Systems
Iberdrola Distribución

Iberdrola’s Latest Prime Alliance Platform for Smart Metering

To be announced

Wed 16 Nov 11:40 to 12:30

Marina Varvesi

Smart Meters Project Manager

Head of Control Systems
Iberdrola Distribución

Panel: The Future of Smart Metering

To be announced


Senior Advisor
Energy Markets Inspectorate
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