Latest Developments in The Italian Market

Latest Developments in The Italian Market

Presentation Date: 
Wed 16 Nov 09:10 to 09:25
  • Priorities for launched roll-out of the second generation of electricity meter, after having installed 35 Mio meters 15 years ago. Main focus to local availability of consumption data for customer in real time. Integration with customer devices for energy efficiency
  • Lesson learned in the roll-out of gas meters after having installed 4 Mio meters. Comparison between performance for traditional diaphragm meters and fully electronic Ultrasonic and Thermal – Mass gas meters. Performance in communication with GPRS an 169MHz technologies.
  • Introduction of a  new generation of water meter in Italy



Vicenzo Quintani

Vincenzo Quintani

Chairman Smart Metering Group

ANIE Federation

Vincenzo Quintani has been working for 15 years as a manager in several High Tech multinational companies of...

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