The Learning Curve: From the startup phase to the grown up phase


Davide Cannarozzi

Enertika Group

Established startups share their experiences.

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Initiate! Main Stage
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Thu 17 Nov 14:00 to 14:20

Davide Cannarozzi

Enertika Group

From Vision to Company & Back!

  • How to Effectively Convert Your Dream into your Core Business
  • Operational Excellence and the challenges of a small cap CFO
  • Checking point – defining your exit strategy
  • The new venture of an aspiring serial entrepreneur
Thu 17 Nov 14:20 to 14:50

Matthias Dill

Managing Director
Statkraft Ventures GmbH

Michael De Vivo

CEO & Co-founder

Characteristic of promising start-ups in the energy sector

  • Introduction Statkraft Ventures & DEPsys
  • DEPsys’ road to success and when investment started to become important
  • Why Statkraft Venture invested and how it helped with the success
  • What are attractive segments for start-ups in energy? And how can a start-up change an entire segment?
Thu 17 Nov 14:50 to 15:15

Andrew White

Chairman & CEO
Trilliant Networks Inc.

Trilliant: Canadian start-up, turned leading global high growth IoT business via Silicon Valley

  • Introduction Andrew, the shift from big business to start-up
  • Trilliant history, technology, the business model, investors and partners
  • Teaming with start-ups and acquisitions
  • Positioning for IPO
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