Alistair Wright

Alistair Wright

Alistair Wright

Utilities Lead


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Alistair Wright joined the GSMA in July 2015, is based in the London head office and is the GSMA Utilities Lead. In a previous role Alistair was a senior product manager responsible for GE’s AMI software solutions.

Alistair has over 30 years Water, Gas and Electric Utility experience including many years’ experience of monitoring remote industrial assets coupled with many years’ experience of designing, developing and selling software solutions.  Alistair has designed and developed software to analyse experimental data, solve complex engineering problems and software to process, store and analyse billions of data items.

Alistair has a comprehensive understanding of key technologies that support the Internet of Things including, machine to machine communications, big data, cyber security, the requirements for near real time data retrieval, the need to process and store large data sets and the challenge of analysis, converting data into valuable business information and business insights.  

Throughout his career Alistair has demonstrated the creative ability, drive and determination to deliver products and services that provide commercial solutions to real industrial problems. In some cases those solutions have been sufficiently novel to be granted patent protection. Alistair has cofounded several software development businesses that utilised internet and cloud computing technologies to deliver data and software services. 

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