Marina Varvesi

Marina Varvesi

Smart Meters Project Manager


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Following the university degree in chemistry at the “University Sapienza” in Roma (Italy) she worked on the development and management of National, European and International initiatives in scientific fields and has gained more than 20 years experience working in International team. She started her career in the International Center for Science (ICS) of the United National Development Organisation, and since then has worked for various private and public bodies, including the Italian National Contact for the research funding programme as reference for the FP6 “Life sciences, genomics and biotechnology for health” and the FP5 “Quality of Life”, national consumer associations as responsible of the European research projects and has also been appointed by the European Commission to act as an external expert for the evaluation of research proposals.

In 2005, together with other Italian researchers and training experts, she founded the Italian company AISFOR specialized in training and consulting in the green sector (environment, energy and agriculture). As responsible of the “Innovation and Development” area, she manages and coordinates national and European research initiatives in which AISFOR is involved. In the last years, the European initiatives have focused on the domestic energy sector and within the recent research projects activities have included the analysis of the role of consumers in the energy market, dissemination to increase the awareness of consumers on their domestic energy consumptions including energy consumptions monitoring tools and contribution to the development of consumers’ energy awareness pilot projects.

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