Randell Johnson

Randell Johnson

Chief Analytics Officer

Alevo Analytics

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Dr. Randell Johnson, P.E. has led a 20-year global career with professional engagements in 70 countries in the power and energy sectors for grid optimizations, power and energy market risk analysis, M&A, planning and strategy for large utilities, and was with a major international consultancy. Randell has advised for over 35 billion dollars of energy infrastructure projects. Randell heads the Alevo Analytics Division.

Randell has a background in strategy, regulatory finance, economic optimizations, quantitative finance, electricity and energy markets, public policy, technical grid design, real-time optimizations, and high-performance computing. Randell has provided leadership, management, or guidance for cutting edge software systems, economic and technical consulting teams, committees, software sales team, utility strategy team, and trading team and Randell has trained or advised or collaborated with more than 150 crossdiscipline multi-sector teams globally.

Qualifications are in Quantitative Finance (MSc) (Cass Business School), Gas and Electric Utility Corporate Finance (UConn School of Business), and Electric Power Engineering (Ph.D., MEng) (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute).

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