Stephen Callahan

Stephen Callahan

Vice President, Global Strategy and Solutions, Energy and Utilities Industry


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Stephen J. Callahan is Vice President of Global Strategy and Solutions for the Energy & Utilities industry within IBM. Over his 30 plus year career in industry and consulting he has led the development and implementation of a wide range of business and technical systems including utility operational, financial, network, RTO, AMI and Smart Grid systems. 

Mr. Callahan held various management positions over a span of fifteen years at Pacific Gas and Electric Company in San Francisco in the areas of commercial and industrial energy management, telecommunications network planning, and financial systems. He held positions of Director of IT Strategy and Budget, Director of Network Planning and was the project manager for PG&E’s implementation of SAP.

For the past seventeen years Mr. Callahan has been a utility strategy Partner for IBM (via the PwC acquisition) focused on electric utility restructuring and utility industry business and technology strategy. He has led numerous large complex systems implementations. Steve was the lead partner for the implementation of the California ISO and the lead US partner for the IMO in the Provence of Ontario, Canada. He led the creation of the Utility procurement consortium Pantellos. He has led several large systems integration projects for clients in the domains of real time T&D, financial and customer systems. 

Mr. Callahan holds degrees in both Applied Physics and Mechanical Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta Georgia. He is a registered Professional Engineer and Certified Energy Auditor. He resides in San Francisco, California.

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