When Technology breaks the Rules


Franz Winterauer

Vice President, Energy Insight, EMEA
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Summit Room 4
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Thu 17 Nov 09:00 to 09:10

Session Introduction - When Technology Breaks the Rules

Technology is changing and regulation needs to change faster. Who owns the data? Some traditional utilities seem to believe the data of consumers is theirs. If you take the stance that consumers own their own data, their consent will influence market design. Are the regulators equipped to deal with the fast changing technology landscape?

Thu 17 Nov 09:10 to 09:30

Jens Strüker

Professor for Energy Management & Managing Director
Institute of Energy Economics (INEWI)

From Data Hubs and Data Markets to an Energy Sharing Economy - A Question of Good Market Design

  • How can DERs spontaneously communicate and interact?
  • How can we efficiently operate and document micro transactions? 
  • What is the value of DERs in a distribution grid?
Thu 17 Nov 09:30 to 09:50

Head of Research and Innovation Sector, DG CONNECT
European Commission

The New Regulations on Data and Its Possible Impact into The Energy Sector

  • A new European Data Protection Regulation was published in May this year. It will enable people to better control their personal data and will reinforce consumer trust in the digital age.  
  • Additionally the European Commission plans to provide by the end of this year a revision of the ePrivacy directive and a proposal for the free-flow of data.
  • Which are the elements in the new general data regulations that have to be considered when defining the most needed end-to-end energy data system? 
Thu 17 Nov 09:50 to 10:10

Francois Blanc

VP Digital transformation

Enabling Digital Energy Market when Supporting Consumer as Data Owner : A Key Role for DSO's, Different Ways to Fulfil it

  • When energy transition meets digital revolution, customer becomes “prosumer” and his empowerment is pivotal: DSOs have a key role to pl: Enabling digital energy market when supporting consumer as data owner : A key role for DSOs, different ways to fulfil it ay as digital market enabler, supporting both prosumers and market stakeholders
  • Smart metering roll out must enable “prosumer” to take full control of their energy consumption and generation, and must allow them as well to manage their datas and privacy in a proper way
  • How to enable market players and stakeholders to access to customers datas in an easy way, under full control of customer? A new key role for DSOs, and different ways opened to fulfil it.
Thu 17 Nov 10:10 to 10:30

George Huitema

Senior Research Scientist

Sr. Business Developer Sustainable Energy

Unleashing Flexibility Services in the Retail Market

  • Shifting barriers for the delivery and settlement of energy flexibility
  • Enabling viable business models by disruptive roles for aggregators and the use of local storage
  • Setting up innovative dynamic billing handling varying tariffs and cooperative business relationships
Thu 17 Nov 10:30 to 11:00

Morning Coffee Break

Thu 17 Nov 11:00 to 11:20

Head of Sales & Partnerships
Open Utility

Pragmatic Partnerships to Drive Industry Change

  • What can utilities and startups do together within regulations?
  • Deliver value today vs promise transformation tomorrow
  • How to leverage existing partnerships and track record to influence market design
Thu 17 Nov 11:20 to 11:40


Marcel van Hest

Strategy Consultant

Democracy by Design

  • In our future energy system whose technology will make which decisions based on what principles?
  • Who will ultimately be in charge of one of the backbone services of society?
  • What responsibilities do we all have?
Thu 17 Nov 11:40 to 12:30

Lawrence Ortsini

LO3 Energy

Svetlana Grant

Project Director, Future IoT Networks, Connected Living Program

Ludwig Karg

Head of the Smart Grids
ERA-Net Plus Knowledge Community

Paul Houtman

Lead Architect
Open Smart Grid Platform Community Council

Panel: Developing Technologies of The Future

  • What are other industries doing?
  • How Utilities can take charge of their own future technologies?
  • Possibilities for collaboration

Head of Research and Innovation Sector, DG CONNECT
European Commission
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